We harness a power of data and bring an innovation and operational excellence to your organization with special focus on improving the health of communications service providers.

  1. Expediency and consistency - So much time and resource can be wasted with a delivery of services due to a lack of available data at a right time and format.  A professional staff is often required to pull multiple data sources and manipulate the data to create a final product.  Although IT organization can create various reports to support your operation, a lack of domain operational and business knowledge within the IT group will still lead to a process inefficiency.  This manual process is costing you significantly each year.  Furthermore, more manual steps within a service delivery process increases the risk of errors.  Reduction of manual steps and improved consistency through automation not only help you produce more with less but significantly improve customer satisfactions.
  2. Decision support - There's no lack of data these days.  A bottleneck today is how to gain valuable insights from a vast amount of data so that an organization can make a better decision.  An efficiency improvement alone would not help you if a delivery of service is based a bad decision.  Providing analytic tools at a right process step is a key to helping organizations make good decisions and become more successful.  Whether it's a predictive model to support the budget or planning decisions, we can help you identify opportunities as well as successfully implement the right analytic solutions to enhance your quality of decisions.
  3. Analytic services and product developments - Your clients crave for new insights.  An analytic model allows a communication service provider to create more values for clients and help you grow your revenue stream.

We have extensive hands on experiences in the operation of communications service providers including network planning, network implementation, telecom expense management, network construction and other areas of telecom operations.  We understand the key data and analytics solutions within a process to make your organization successful.